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WIHS Jr. High Program

What is it?

Weber Innovation High School has a grant program to bring its unique learning model to six district junior high schools; North Ogden, Orion, Roy, Sand Ridge, South Ogden, and Wahlquist.

At Weber Innovation High School, students are able to take core classes from teachers in a self-managed format that blends online coursework with in person teachers available on campus. Check out our About page for more information on our individualized school. 

Students within this Junior High School program will be enrolled in canvas courses that are taught by Weber Innovation teachers. Student will remain at their home school supervised by a student advocate. As well, there are two roaming teachers to assist the students in person. All courses have teachers that are available daily by email, canvas, and/or google meet. The students are able to progress at a personalized pace therefore students have the opportunity to accumulate credits at a quicker rate than a regular junior high schedule. 

Who is it for?

Any and all 9th Graders! This program gives students the flexibility in their schedules to work ahead in self-managed courses. Students are given the opportunity to benefit from a different experience away from the traditional classroom.

How to Apply:

To sign up talk to your boundry school's counselor.

If you have questions or want more information reach out to Rajathi Noel, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classes Offered:

English 9

Students will begin to strengthen their writing skills to produce clear and coherent texts while following all of Standard English grammar and usage conventions. It is also expected that the students' reading skills will improve as they are exposed to both classical and more modern pieces of literature, both domestic and foreign.

English 10

Students will continue to strengthen their writing skills in order to produce clear and coherent texts while following all of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage. It is also expected that the students' reading skills will continue to improve as they are exposed to both classical and more modern pieces of literature, both domestic and foreign.


Students in Geography will be using case studies, real-world data, and sources to examine physical geography, population distribution, culture, governments, and economic development according to the Utah Standards for Geography. This semester-long course has a combination of lectures, readings, case studies, research presentations, in-class assignments, projects, and tests. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed on the ACT and in college-level classes.

World History

World History has students acting like historians and investigating the past starting around 10,000 BCE up to the modern era. Students will access primary sources and use corroboration, contextualization, sourcing, and close reading to analyze case studies to arrive at historical truth according to the Utah Standards for World History. This year-long course has a combination of lectures, readings, case studies, research presentations, and tests. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed on the ACT and in college-level classes.


Students in Psychology will be using case studies, real world data, readings, and sources as an introductory into the field of psychology. This semester-long course is available for .5 elective credits and has a combination of readings, case-studies, and research projects. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed on the ACT and in college-level classes.


An introduction to the unifying principles of biology is organized around concepts of  the structures in all living things, interactions of organisms in an environment, and the evolution of species that occur over time. It is related to the environment in which the species live. Each quarter contains 4 modules. Each module incorporates 1 - 2 labs. Labs are designed to develop and improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to the topics discussed in each module.

PE: Fit for Life

This course is an individualized, concepts-based, one-semester course designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to self-assess, create, conduct, evaluate, and redesign personal fitness programs. The course combines classroom and activity-based learning activities with a focus on proper nutrition and the mastery of skills and concepts necessary for students to become accomplished monitors of personal lifetime fitness. Through participation, students will learn to compare the fitness benefits in various individual and team activities. Students will become proficient in using various assessments, measurement devices, exercise equipment, web and community resources, and computer software: assigned reading and writing assignments that include activity journals and portfolios. The course will broaden the physical education experience and contribute to the literacy of the student. This course is required for graduation, with no substitutions, including participation in athletics.

PE: Yoga

This course is designed to introduce students, safely and accessible, to the basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga. Students will begin to experience the benefits of stretching, moving, and breathing freely as they relieve built-up stress, learn to relax, and ultimately get more out of their day-to-day life. This course aims to promote vibrant health, reduce stress, and tap into the body’s latent energy reserves.


Students will learn that they are responsible for their personal well- being and that building a solid foundation of health literacy and decision-making skills can contribute to positive health choices throughout life. In addition, they will explore the impact their personal health has on society as a whole.

Visit WIHS Course Guide to find out more about all classes offered at WIHS.


Gracie H.

Current WIHS Student

"I chose to participate in the pilot program because it challenged me. At a regular junior high, the class moves at the same pace. With these freeflow classes, I was able to move at a pace that challenged me. I moved schools halfway through the school year in 9th grade, so then all my classes could be that way. I continue to go to Weber Innovations because of the learning atmosphere, and the teachers are helpful with any questions. The environment of the school is so friendly and less stressful. I have really enjoyed attending this school, and I am so grateful for that opportunity I had in 9th grade."

Stephen J.

Current WIHS Student

"I could not be more grateful for this magnificent program. I loved the academic rigor it provided me and the support and engagement of my student advocate aide and teachers. It was greatly empowering to be able to set goals for myself to learn and study while completing courses at my own pace." 

Nicole C.

Current WIHS Student

"What pushed me to do good in WIHS was Mrs. Rajathi, because she always challenged me and encouraged me to do good. She even gave me goals that pushed me to stay ahead in my classes. I like WIHS because it allows me to do the best I can without being slowed down or pressured to do certain assignments. I have the freedom to do as much work as I want as long as I'm on pace with all my classes. I can finish a year long class in less than a year but still be in the same grade as my friends. That's probably my favorite part of being in WIHS." 


Current WIHS Student

"I was introduced to the Weber Innovations online classes in 2020 while in 9th grade. I was looking for a way to advance in my curriculum in an effort to graduate, not only with my High School diploma but to graduate with an Associates degree as well. In the 2020-2021 school year I was able to finish my 9th and 10th grade English classes, as well as Fit for Life and Health 2 while still taking my full 9th grade schedule in school. Doing the online classes helped me to get ahead, and to be lined up to finish my core, and elective classes faster in order to take college classes sooner. I took advantage of the online classes over my summer break. This helped me advance in my needed Health requirements, and Physical Education requirements. I have really enjoyed being able to do this, and working at a pace I am comfortable with. I plan on continuing this progress and am confident I will be able to reach my goal of graduating High School with an Associates degree." 

Savannah G.

Current WIHS Student

"I joined WIHS my 9th grade year and have absolutely loved it! I feel like I am able to get more work done and not be stuck in lectures all day! The teachers and staff have been so supportive, and wanted me and my peers to succeed!" 

Isabella A.

Current WIHS Student

"When I did the junior high program at Roy Jr. it was an amazing experience. I loved it all and it gave me a head start for what I would like to do, they give amazing offers in the program and even more opportunities at WIHS, I now attend WIHS full time and it was a amazing decision, I have a way to go on my own pace and I can go as fast as I'd like but also as slow as I'd like "but still staying on pace."