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About Us

Weber Innovation - An Early College High School

Weber Innovation Early College High School is Weber School District’s school for students (grades 9-12) who want to get a jump on their post-high school opportunities early. 

With our unique blended, personalized learning program, we feel that we can get you further and faster down the road to those post-high school opportunities you may have than any other school in the state.  The following are some of the many advantages to our personalized learning model:


  • You are built a personalized schedule according to your career goals.  Although you have a course schedule, our free flow program allows you to spend time in those courses you need help in.  You are free to attend those classes you need help in at any time during the day.  If you need more help in math, then you spend more time in math.  You don’t need to change classes at the bell necessarily.  Yes, attendance is still required, but you can float in and out of those courses throughout the day as needed.
  • We find every opportunity to get you classes that meet both high school and college credits.  We work closely with Weber State and Snow College.  An advisor comes to the school often and meets with each student individually. 
  • Students are provided a Chromebook.  The students keep Chromebooks until they graduate or leave school.  
  • In addition to the regular district portal, which parents can check, you are given a unique progress chart to mark off your progress and show where you need to work and what you need to do. This chart is shared with parents, teachers, and our counselor to help you succeed and stay on pace to meet your goals.  This progress chart also has a digital credit card.  If the card is green (as determined by your mentor teacher), you have the ultimate freedom students can have here at the school.  You can study in our commons, halls, outside in front of the school on tables or in our cafeteria here at the school.  
  • We have more students earning college credits here at this school than any other in the district per student count.  We have students also earning both Ogden Weber Technology Center certificates and/or college credits.  Many of our students will earn an associate’s degree by the time they finish high school.  Many will have earned their general certificate of completion, which waves all the general education courses at any of Utah’s state colleges.  This saves both you and your parent’s money in tuition costs.  You only pay the college entrance fee and then $5 per credit for the high school college courses.
  • We are the only high school in Weber School District (currently) with 10th-grade students (who have accumulated 13 credits) take concurrent enrollment courses towards their general education certificate of completion or associate's degree.  (The exception on this is any of the Project Lead the Way classes.)  
  • Although we do have in-school socials, you are also free to attend and/or participate in sports or other extracurricular activities at your local high school where you would be attending in the district (this includes dances and clubs.)   (You would just need to pay the regular school activity fee at that school for many of those activities.)   
  • If we do not offer a specific course(s), we will work with your boundary school within the Weber School District so you can take those course(s) and then do the remainder of your courses at Weber Innovation Early College High School.


And, so much more!!!  We feel like this is an excellent opportunity for you.  We have an orientation here at Weber Innovation Early College High School.  If you are interested in learning more about our awesome model and school and want to attend the next orientation, please RSVP to Carrie Pilot or Marianne Illum @ 801-476-6500.   (Also, call if you would like a tour of the school.)   If you would like to apply to attend this school, please go to this address by clicking here and filling in the form.  

(We are located at 1007 W. 12th St. in Ogden.)