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Frequently Asked Questions

Weber Innovation High School FAQ

What is the Weber Innovation Center?

The Innovation Center is home to many of the school districts magnet programs such as Project Lead the Way, Construction Management, and as well as WSU, SUU, and Snow College courses. There is also a Teacher Training Room for district personnel.  In addition to its magnet programs, the Innovation Center also enrolls approximately 250 students in Weber Innovation High School.

Why is the district launching Weber Innovation High School?

Weber Innovation High School is for students that are seeking a more personalized approach to their education in a Blended-Learning environment. Students will work at their own pace, have more individual attention from their teachers in smaller classes, and have the opportunity to complete their core credits faster, enabling them to take college courses offered on-site. College and career-readiness will be the main focus.

What is "Blended Learning"?

Blended Learning is the combination of in-person instruction and technology that enables personalized learning. Teachers can customize the learning experience for each student, allowing them to move at their own pace.

How do I apply?

Fill out the online application here. Once the student and parent have attended an Orientation they will be able to select classes.

Will you accept students from outside of Weber School District?

Yes, we are accepting students from other school districts.

How will students take college classes?

Either through Interactive Video Conference (IVC) or in a face-to-face format with adjunct professors, or certified Weber School District teachers, ideally earning 25-30 college credits when they graduate high school.

What if my student does not want to go to college?

Some students may want to attend Innovation High to graduate early and start working or pursue a certification with a technical school instead.

What about Release Time?

Administration is looking into the best solution for student release time. Students could take early morning released time and then take the bus from the neighborhood high school, to Weber Innovation.  We are currently exploring additional bussing options during the school day as well. Please contact the school office for more information.

Uniforms? Dress code?

The dress code policy can be found in the Student Handbook.

What if my student wants to take a class that is not offered at Innovation?

They can take any class at their home school that is not offered at Innovation, preferably during 4th or 8th period which is when transportation will be provided.

Can my student earn an Associate's Degree?

Our goal is to have students take as many college general education courses as they can so they are ahead when they enter college and can focus on courses required for their field of study. Students enrolling with Innovation as 9th graders should be able to graduate high school with a minimum of 25 college credits.

Is there a cost for taking the college classes?

Students will have to pay the $30 enrollment fee to apply at each university they are taking classes with, plus $5 for each credit, so $15 for a 3-credit class which is a huge savings on college tuition!

Is this a school for only accelerated or advanced students?

No. Students will be working at their own pace and will only move on when they have mastered the subject matter. Accelerated students can move ahead without having to wait for students that need more time or help. Teachers will be teaching to all levels of students.

Can my student take a couple of high school classes at Innovation but stay enrolled at their home school?

Students from Bonneville, Fremont, Roy and Weber High can take the Magnet and Early College classes offered at the Innovation Center, but the high school digital curriculum is only available for students attending Innovation High full time.

Will the school provide an electronic device?

Yes, students will have access to desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

What are the acceptance guidelines? 

Our first year we accepted all students that applied up to 150. We are currently at 250 students.  As we grow, enrollment will be based on a lottery system. 

I'd like to get more information.

            Call and schedule an appointment, tour the building, and come see the Snow College IVC class. Give us a call! 801-476-6500.