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Frequently Asked Questions

Weber Innovation High School FAQ

What is the Weber Innovation Center?

            Weber School District purchased the former IRS building to house many of the District's Magnet classes like Project Lead the Way, Pre-Physical Therapy, Design Sewing, Interior Design, Criminal Justice, and also WSU and Snow College courses. There is also a Teacher Training Room for district personnel and this Fall the Center will be the home of the District's new high school, Weber Innovation High School.


Why is the district launching Weber Innovation High School?

            Weber Innovation High School is for students that are seeking a more personalized approach to their education in a Blended-Learning environment. Students will work at their own pace, have more individual attention from their teachers in smaller classes, and have the opportunity to complete their core credits faster, enabling them to take college courses offered on-site. College and career-readiness will be the main focus.

What is "Blended Learning"?

            Blended Learning is the combination of in-person instruction and technology that enables personalized learning. Teachers can customize the learning experience for each student, allowing them to move at their own pace.


Will you accept students from outside of Weber School District?

Yes, we are accepting students from other school districts.

Will Innovation High be an accredited high school?

Yes, we are currently going through the steps for AdvancEd accreditation.  A new school starts out under “Applicant Status” and is granted temporary accredited status until a site visit is accomplished, the status will then be reviewed.  

What are the school hours?

            7:45 am - 2:05 pm, with early release every Wed at 12:30 pm.

What grade levels will be attending the high school?

            9th - 12th grade, although we are only accepting 9th - 11th graders the 1st year.


            Students will need to secure their own transportation to Weber High, Bonneville High, Roy High or Wahlquist Jr High. From there, school busses will leave at 7:00 am to transport students to the Weber Innovation Center. After school, busses will bring students back to their home high schools in time to transfer to a bus that will take them home. Parking Permits are $10 for students that drive themselves.

What online curriculum will be used?

            Edivate Learn, offered by the School Improvement Network. Edivate includes digital content from providers such as Accelerate Learning, Pearson, and Khan Academy. Some Weber Online classes may also be used.

Are classes “open-enrollment” and/or “open-ended”?

            Classes are both traditional (hard start and hard finish) as well as open entry and open exit, in that each student will have the opportunity to achieve and progress at their own pace, particularly at an accelerated pace.

Letter grade or Pass/Fail?

            Students will be awarded a letter grade upon completion of their courses. 

Report cards

            Report cards will be mailed and emailed home quarterly.

How will students take college classes?

            Either through Interactive Video Conference (IVC) or in a face-to-face format with adjunct professors, or certified Weber School District teachers, ideally earning 25-30 college credits when they graduate high school.

What if my student does not want to go to college?

            Some students may want to attend Innovation High to graduate early and start working or pursue a certification with a technical school instead.

How big will the classes be? Student to Teacher ratio?

            That depends on the class. College courses are offered to all Weber School District students. Those classes are able to enroll a maximum of 25 - 35 students which is a far better ratio than taking the same course at college. Many of the college classes have had numbers well below the maximum.  As for the high school courses, that depends on the enrollment, but the school will start with a maximum of 150 students the 1st year and has hired 7 teachers in addition to the Magnet teachers currently on site.

Will the school have Parent teacher conferences?

            Yes, we will follow the district calendar for parent-teacher conferences.

Can I confer with my student's teachers other than Parent-Teacher conferences?

           Absolutely! Teachers will be happy to discuss your student's progress with you during their office hours or via email.

If students are working at their own pace, what will keep them from falling behind?

            All students will have a mentor assigned to them and will meet with that mentor weekly. Mentors and teachers will monitor students' progress and keep them on track.  Real-time information on student’s progress will allow for early intervention. Parents will also be able to check student progress online.


Will my student be sitting at a computer all day?

            Although the curriculum is online, students will still receive face-time teaching, participate in group discussions and projects, science lab, art and PE. Class schedules will be flexible, for example, if a student is ahead in Math they may work on another class during this time.

Will textbooks be used?

            College textbooks may be required, but all other curriculum is digital.

How will PE be taught?

            We have an excellent fitness room with ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machine, universal gym, and kettle bells. Students will receive an individualized physical education program.

What about Release Time?

Administration is looking into the best solution for student release time. Students could take early morning released time and then take the bus from the neighborhood high school, to Weber Innovation.  We are currently exploring additional bussing options during the school day as well. Please contact the school office for more information.

How much will registration fees cost?

            The registration cost the 1st year will be $87.00, plus any possible classroom fees like Art or Science Lab.

Can I pay fees online

Not at this time.

Fee waivers

            Parents can apply for a fee waiver. Refer to the district website for guidelines.

Uniforms? Dress code?

            No uniforms will be required. The dress code policy can be found in the Student Handbook.

Will there be sports, clubs or extracurricular activities?

Clubs and extracurricular activities will be evaluated based on student interest. Students are welcome to participate in any clubs, sports or activities at their home schools.

Dances or field trips

            Yes to both!

What if my student wants to take a class that is not offered at Innovation?

            They can take any class at their home school that is not offered at Innovation, preferably during 4th or 8th period which is when transportation will be provided.

What classes will my student be able to take?

            Our course listing and descriptions can be found on our website.

Are the teachers licensed?

            Yes! We have hired the best possible teachers who are receiving extensive training on this exciting new method of teaching. In addition, School Improvement Network will provide on-site coaching and modeling for teachers throughout the year.

Can my student earn an Associate's Degree?

             Our goal is to have students take as many college general education courses as they can so they are ahead when they enter college and can focus on courses required for their field of study. Students enrolling with Innovation as 9th graders should be able to graduate high school with a minimum of 25 college credits.


Is there a cost for taking the college classes?

            Students will have pay the $30 enrollment fee to apply at each university they are taking classes with, plus $5 for each credit, so $15 for a 3-credit class which is a huge savings on college tuition!

Is this a school for only accelerated or advanced students?

            No. Students will be working at their own pace and will only move on when they have mastered the subject matter. Accelerated students can move ahead without having to wait for students that need more time or help. Teachers will be teaching to all levels of students.

What about lunch? Breakfast?

            Innovation has a full cafeteria and will serve breakfast and lunch daily. Menus can be found on the district website. Lunch will cost $2.30 and breakfast $1.50. Lunch balances can be checked on the Parent Portal.

Can my student get Free or Reduced Lunch?

            Yes, parents must apply for Free or Reduced Lunch through Child Nutrition. Applications are mailed home in the summer and available in the school office and must be submitted by Oct 1st. Families must reapply annually.

Can students leave the campus during lunch?

          Yes, but with a full cafeteria they shouldn't need to.

Will I be able to monitor my student's progress in classes?

            Parents/guardians can monitor progress through the parent portal of Edivate. You may also contact your student's teachers, mentor or administrators anytime.

Does my student have to enroll with Weber Innovation Center if they only want to attend Project Lead the Way?

            No, they can enroll in Project Lead the Way magnet classes through their counselor at their home school. Students should only enroll with Weber Innovation High School if they want to attend full time.

Can my student take a couple of high school classes at Innovation but stay enrolled at their home school?

            Students from Bonneville, Fremont, Roy and Weber High can take the Magnet and Early College classes offered at the Innovation Center, but the high school digital curriculum is only available for students attending Innovation High full time.



Can students do any school work at home?

            Yes, the digital curriculum is web-based and accessible by students 24/7.  Traditional classes will have corresponding homework.

Will there be homework?

            Teachers may assign homework to enhance the curriculum.

Will the school provide an electronic device?

            Yes, students will have access to desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

What about internet access at home?

            The school district does not provide internet access at home.

What is the attendance policy?

            Weber Innovation High follows the district guidelines for attendance which can be found on the District website.  Student attendance will be taken by the student scanning their ID badge in each teacher’s classroom.

Will the school follow the district calendar?

            Yes, Innovation High’s calendar will match the District’s.

My student has attendance credit loss. Will his/her attendance be wiped clean at Weber Innovation Center?

            No. The Weber innovation center will follow the same district policies on attendance and attendance credit loss and will carry over with the student upon transferring.


            None at this time

School colors

            Silver and Beige

Drivers Ed

            Students can take the theory portion of Driver Ed online, and the driving portion at their home high school. The theory portion is $35.

How many credits will be required for graduation?



            Weber School District's CTE Internship Coordinator is located on the premises and can help find an internship opportunity that will enhance the student's career pathway.

 How do I apply?

            Fill out the online application which can be found on our website under the Parent tab, scroll all the way to the bottom of the Registration page, the link is located below the flyer. Once the student and parent have attended an Orientation they will be able to select classes.

What are the acceptance guidelines? 

             Our first year we are accepting all students that apply up to 150. As we grow, enrollment will be based on a lottery system. All students and their guardian are required to attend an orientation.

I'd like to get more information.

            Call and schedule an appointment, tour the building, and come see the Snow College IVC class this summer. Give us a call! 801-476-6500.

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