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Rolling out the Red Carpet

The school year is now officially on!  We were so glad to get the students back and see all of their smiling faces.  What a difference a summer can make!  We have doubled our enrollment from last year and are looking forward to seeing our first Senior Class graduate this spring.This year we will be making a transition in our digital curriculum to a much more interactive Design Learning format.  We believe that students learn best by doing and not by passive absorption.  In order to accomplish this, we will be operating in several formats, Edivate (same as last year), Canvas (new this year), Moodle(same as last year) and our regular face time, traditional delivery method.  We will be sending out multiple emails to give you directions on how to monitor the progress of your students, please call the school if you are having trouble.  Personalized Learning takes a commitment by the student to OWN their education and it is our job to provide every opportunity for students to be able to do that while here at Weber Innovation.  All of our students have a program called Own It in their Edivate.  This is an outstanding learning experience that teaches students how they can really take hold and own their education and future.  In addition to Own It, all students will be assigned an adult mentor.  These mentors will be personally working with your student to help them keep on track and progressing.  It is going to be a great year and we will be rolling out the red carpet for all of our students, every single day!

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