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On To Summer Session!

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Weber Innovation High School, we would like to thank all of our students for a fantastic first year!  It has been our pleasure to get to know and work with each one of you on a daily basis and we are excited to have all of you back next year.  We look forward to having our first graduation a year from now and want to let all know that we intend to have nothing less than 100% Graduation Rate at Weber Innovation High….anything less is simply unacceptable.

We will start our Summer Session on Tuesday May 31st at 8 a.m..  If you are registered, please be here a little before 8 so you are ready to go when we begin….it will be a great time!  For those of you who haven’t yet registered for summer session, please click on the Summer Session link and we will get you going. If you are not attending summer, 1. We feel sorry for you, and 2. We wish you a great summer!  

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