Weber Innovation — An Early-College High School

Part-Time Staff Schedules


 Sharon Sipes

Mon, Tues 7:45-2:45, Thurs 7:45-1:45

 Suzanne Jensen

Mon: 7:00-3:30, Thurs 7:00- 3:30

Amanda Allen

on maternity leave

 Kimberly Sechser

Tue,Wed, every other Thurs

 Eliza Correa (math tutor)

Mon-Thurs 11:00-2:00, Fri 8:00-1:00

 Janessa Whitesides


 Kim Hancey

Tue, Wed, every other Fri

 Helen Marble

 A days

 Tessa Lavigne

Mon,Tue, Wed: 7:30-3:00 and Fri 7:00-12:30

 Shaylee Overdiek (math tutor)

Mon, Thurs, Fri 3:30-5:30

 Nicole Carroll

Mon,Thurs, 1st & 3rd Wed

 Mitchell/ Sedgwick

1st sem: A days 1-2 period, 2nd sem: B days 5-6 Period

 Hallie Richards

Mon-Fri: 7:30-1:00

 Zac Hancock 

Mon- Fri: 7:40-8:30, 1st and 3rd Wed 7:40-8:30

 Nancy Hales

Tue, Fri, 1st and 3rd Wed

 Angie Roberts

Mon- Fri: 8:30-2:30

 Dixie Brenchley

Mon,Tue,Thu: 10:00-1:00 and Wed,Fri: 9:00-12:00

 Stacy Harris

 B days 

 Lori Bosley 

 A days

 PLTW 9th Graders: 7:30-8:50

MAGNET Classes: 7:30-10:00 & 11:20-1:15

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