Weber Innovation — An Early-College High School

Principles Of Engineering (POE)  

POE is a building and investigating class! From bridges to robots, this class has it all! Students explore a broad range of engineering, physics and math topics. These encompass mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, energy, automation of devices, and ballistics.

Physics and math are applied in practice and through hands-on projects. Documentation of work and communication of solutions through collaboration, teamwork and presentation are essential elements of the class.

POE is a foundation course recommended for future PLTW courses. Class is taught at the introductory college level, and students may elect to receive concurrent enrollment credit.


Rube Goldberg Construction

Balsa Wood Bridge Construction

Design & Build A Robot

Work With A Team



Location: Weber Innovation Center

Course number:  84410

Instructors:  Brown, Davidson, Knorr, Urban

Course Length: 9th grade = Year long 10th - 12th grade = 1 semester (double block)  

Credit: 1.0 credit of science elective, or 1.0 credit of CTE

Optional WSU Concurrent Enrollment $5.00/credit

MET 1000 3 Credits

MFET 1150 1 Credit

ENGR 1000 2 Credits (Starting  Fall 2017)

Class Fee: $10.00

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