Weber Innovation — An Early-College High School

Digital Electronics (DE)

From smart-phones to appliances, digital circuits are all around us. This course provides a foundation for students who are interested in electrical engineering, electronics, or circuit design. Students study topics such as combinational and sequential logic and are exposed to circuit design tools used in industry, including logic gates, integrated circuits, and programmable logic devices.

The major focus of the DE course is to expose students to the design process of combinational and sequential logic design, teamwork, communication methods, engineering standards, and technical documentation. In this course students will learn circuitry simulation using the state-of-the-art MultiSim computer application. Students will analyze, design, and build digital electronic circuits. While implementing these designs, students will continually hone their professional skills, creative abilities, and understanding of the circuit design process.

Course Location: Weber Innovation Center (WIC)

Instructor:   Mrs. Ruesch, Mr. Kay C:\Users\maortega\Downloads\DE.jpg

Grade Levels: 10, 11, 12

Course Length: 1 semester – Double Block

Fee: $10

WSD Course #: 84430

State Credit: 3rd Science (1.0 Credit) or

CTE (1.0 credit)

College Credit: WSU EET 1130 (4.0 Credits)

WSU EET 1010 (2.0 Credits)

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