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ICA Creative Apps

ICA Creative Apps is a computer science course that seeks to broaden participation in computing and computer science. The course places emphasis on the principles of computer science rather than just programming. Big ideas and concepts include:

  1. Computing is a creative activity.
  2. Abstraction reduces information and detail to facilitate focus on relevant concepts.
  3. Data and information facilitate the creation of knowledge.
  4. Algorithms are used to develop and express solutions to computational problems.
  5. Programming enables problem solving, human expression, and creation of knowledge.
  6. The Internet pervades modern computing.
  7. Computing has global impacts.

This course explores the Python programming language and utilizes MIT App Inventor to make mobile apps. We also learn about video gaming and learn how to create basic video games using the Unity game engine.

Location: Weber Innovation Center

Course number:  84410

Instructors:  T. Brown, J. Harrison

Course Length: 10th - 12th grade = 1 semester (double block)  

Credit: 1.0 credit of CTE

Optional WSU Concurrent Enrollment $5.00/credit

CS 1010 3 Credits

CS 1030 4 Credits

Class Fee: $10.00

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