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Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)

This course introduces students to the interdependent fields of civil engineering and architecture. Students will learn about the similarities and differences between architecture and civil engineering, and how they both work hand in hand. The major focus of this course are 2 student-driven projects that involve the development of a residential property and a commercial building property. Students will use state of the art architectural drafting software and equipment to develop architectural plans, 3D renderings, laser engraved models. In addition, students will be exposed to various aspects of civil engineering including: soil analysis, rainfall runoff, 3D topography, structural heat gain/loss, and structural design analysis. Field trips are a major part of this class. Students will attend several field trips during this class. Along the way students will learn to: document projects, problem-solve and communicate to gain knowledge and share results.


               Eccles Historic Home, Ogden



Field Trips



Location: Weber Innovation Center WSU Concurrent Enrollment (optional $5.00)

Course number:  84450

Instructor: Mr. Davidson

Course Length: 1 semester (double block)  

Credit: 1.0 credit of CTE

Optional WSU Concurrent Enrollment $5.00/credit

DET 1350 3 Credits

DET 2000 3 Credit

Class Fee: $10.00

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