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Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Aerospace Engineering is one of the specialization courses in the PLTW Engineering program. The course deepens the skills and knowledge of an engineering student within the context of atmospheric and space flight. Students explore the fundamentals of flight in air and space as they bring the concepts to life by designing and testing components related to flight such as an airfoil, propulsion system,and a rocket. They learn orbital mechanics concepts and apply these by creating models using industry-standard software.

Field trips are a great way to see professionals putting into practice what we have been learning. Depending on what is available, potential field trips include Hill AFB, Northrop Grumman, Barnes Aerospace and others. Click HERE to see an Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman) field trip.

Field Trip to Hill Air Force Base

Design & Build A Glider

Build A Rocket

Work With A Team


Location: Weber Innovation Center

Instructor:  Davis

Course Number: 84460

Class Fee: $10.00

Course Length: 10th - 12th grade = 1 semester (double block)  

Credit: 1.0 credit of CTE

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