Weber Innovation — An Early-College High School

Social Studies

Social Studies objectives and philosophy:

One of the fundamental purposes for public schools is the preparation of young people for participation in America’s democratic republic. The progress of our communities, state, nation, and world rests upon the preparation of young people to understand the interconnections and interactions between their local, national, and global communities in order to make reasoned and far-reaching decisions. The study of Geography, World Civilizations, US History, and US Government supports students in understanding how human and natural systems interact and connect places to each other. Informed students can better participate in their communities and the world in a responsible, informed and civically minded way. The skills and habits of mind that students develop as they study the world will nurture their sense of citizenry, as well as civic and global awareness.

In addition to civic preparation, the social studies department strives to challenge students to become geographers, historians, and social scientists. They are given multiple opportunities to analyze and critically evaluate data, maps, charts, and primary sources to help them arrive at conclusions about historical time periods and cultures. Every assignment is designed to prepare students with the skills they will need to be successful after they have completed their high school requirements. Interacting with other students and teachers is an important aspect of the courses, so digital and oral discussions are frequent along with peer evaluation of digital projects. Students can move at their own pace with multiple interviews, interactions, and group discussions required.

List of documentaries that students can watch as part of the social studies curriculum:

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