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Documentaries For The Social Studies Department

Below is a list of documentaries students may choose to watch in their social studies classes. A different documentary will be offered once a week  - the title, date, and time will be posted in Canvas and on the board outside Ms. Benish’s room. Students will not be required to watch any particular documentary, but will be required to choose at least one per quarter as part of whole group instruction and discussion. There will be opportunities to attend additional documentaries and whole group discussions if the student  chooses and those can count as projects within their courses - depending on the the topic of the documentary.

Some documentaries have a link to a description of the documentary.

Made in LA

Street Fight

Ella Es El Matador

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

Granito: How to Nail a Dictator

Where Soldiers Come From

Last Train Home

Promised Land

Lost Boys of Sudan

American Tongues

500 Years

Rabbit in the Moon

Memories of Five Nisei: The Untold Stories of Five Former US Prisoners

My American Girls: A Dominican Story

The Angel of Nanjing

Two Towns of Jasper

In the Light of Reverence

Thank You For Playing

All The Difference

American Promise

Home is Where You Find It

Five Broken Cameras

North Korea: A Day in the Life

Under the Sun

My Country is Tibet

Displaced But Not Defeated

Fire in Our Hearts

Poet Against Prejudice

After Spring

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