Weber Innovation — An Early-College High School

Staff and Faculty

Ms. Barker
Mr. Belnap
Ms. Bosley
Ms. Brenchley
Ms. Campbell
Ms. Carroll
Mr. Child
Ms. Culver
Ms. Roberts
Mr. Donley
Ms. Fernelius
Ms. Hales
Ms. Hancey
Ms. Harris
Mr. Harrison
Mr. Hess
Ms. Huxley
Ms. Illum
Mr. Kay
Mr. Knorr
Ms. Kohler
Ms. Lavigne
Mr. Malan
Ms. Marble
Ms. Marsh
Mr. Merrill
Ms. Metcalfe
Mr. Meyer
Ms. Mindrum
Ms. Newman
Mr. Olsen
Ms. Overdiek
Ms. Pilot
Ms. Rasmussen
Mr. Raymond
Ms. Richards
Ms. Rynearson
Mr. Sedgwick
Ms. Smith
Mr. Watkins
Ms. Weber
Ms. Woodring

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