Weber Innovation — An Early-College High School

Teacher and Student Success Plan

TSSA Funding Proposal 2019-2020

TSSA funds used on obtaining a scheduled to the maximum they can be used which doesn’t allow us to offer additional concurrent enrollment courses that overlap times of those already being offered.  

Teacher Recruitment and Retention:   (30%) Because of our unique personalized learning model designed with students moving at their own pace AND with our courses being solely digital through Canvas, our professional development is different than the regular brick and mortar type PD.  Our teachers need more of a blended learning professional development with some PD practices towards teaching students online and in the blended learning environment.  

Goal #1 Measure of Success: Having teachers present best practices of personalized learning to our staff.   Instruction will be oriented around the practices of how to teach students effectively through our blended learning model.

Goal #1 -  Teachers learning how to effectively teach in our blended learning environment. 

Goal #1 Action Steps:  Finding and having teachers attend professional development seminars and/or conferences unique to our personalized learning model of delivery and instruction.  

Goal #1 Expenditure Areas:  Professional Learning

Student Performance and Academic Achievement:  (70%) 

Goal #2 - Adding 2 additional IVC classrooms.  We would be able to offer more concurrent enrollment courses through these classrooms which will allow our students to earn more high school core credits coupled with earning more concurrent enrollment credits.   With Weber Innovations being an Early College High School, this would align with our model as well as being able to increase our student’s performance and academic achievements with post high school opportunities and high school credits.   

Goal #2 Steps - Adding 2 more IVC classrooms for additional concurrent enrollment course offerings.  

Goal #2 Expenditure Areas -  Technology

Goal #1 Measure of Success:  Compare the number of concurrent enrollment courses taken after the additional IVC room is set up and being used compared to subsequent years. 

Funding Proposal Costs for Goal 1:  Costs would depend on the number of conferences and number of teachers sent and up to no more than @ $10,500 total expenditures (30%).  

Funding Proposal Costs for Goal 2:  (Click Here)


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