TSSA Funding Proposal 2020-2021


Teacher Recruitment and Retention:   

Because of our unique personalized learning model designed with students moving at their own pace AND with our courses being solely digital through Canvas, our professional development is different than the regular brick and mortar type PD.  Our teachers need more of a blended learning professional development with some PD practices towards teaching students online and in the blended learning environment.  


Goal #1 -  Students will experience increased success in the blended learning environment at Weber Innovation High School by being ahead of pace according to their graduation plan.  This will facilitate more advanced course opportunities for college and career readiness.  


Goal #1 Action Steps:  Teachers will attend professional development seminars and/or conferences unique to our personalized learning model of delivery and instruction.  Teachers will be required to share these best practices through school level professional development opportunities. 


Goal #1 Measure of Success:  Student GPA will be compared to prior years. Teacher professional development that would include those who attended conferences described in the action steps above relative to personalized learning and student emotional/social support will be compared to prior years.  


Goal #1 Expenditure Areas:  Professional Learning


Funding Proposal Costs for Goal 1:  Costs would depend on the number of conferences and number of teachers sent and up to no more than @ $10,500 total expenditures.  (Click Here)


Student Performance and Academic Achievement:  


We believe an attendance/counselor aide will help track students who are not attending regularly and will also make sure students are being tracked appropriately. 


Goal #2 - Have an attendance aide track the attendance of our full time student population.  


Goal #2 Action Steps - Hire an attendance/counselor aide 

Goal #2 Measures of Success:  We will begin to compare our at risk student population starting with last year’s data (number of cumulative credits) and compare those same students data this year to determine if attendance tracking and accountability is helping increase these students credit count.    


Goal #2 Expenditure Areas -  Personnel


Funding Proposal Costs for Goal 2: (click here)


Goal #3 - Analyze and act on trends across academics, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning, and be able to equip my school team with early warning indicators aligned to the latest research. School sites across Weber will have access to comprehensive, shared MTSS supports that include data collection systems and intervention menus, where staff will be able to track interventions with increased fidelity.


Goal #3 Action Steps -  Implement Panorama

Goal #3 Measures of Success:  Increase student attendance in our at risk population of students by 10%. 


Goal #3 Expenditure Areas -  Personnel

Funding Proposal Costs for Goal 3: (click here)

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