WIHS National Honor Society

Weber Innovation High School is now a registered chapter of the National Honor Society.  Students who are applying to join the National Honor Society must meet the requirements of Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service.  Good grades are not the only requirements for membership.  In joining Honor Society, you are committing to be a member of a club.  In addition to the academic requirements, there are standards in leadership, service, and character, which we require.  Leadership requirements include a demonstration of leadership in school as well as outside of school.  Service requirements include integrity, positive behavior, ethics, cooperation, and reliability in and out of school and classroom maturity.


I.  Academic Achievement

Students must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher throughout the year.  Grade percentages will not be rounded.  Grades will be based on the cumulative grade. Students also cannot be behind in their classes or credits.

II.  Citizenship Achievement

Students must have satisfactory or higher citizenship marks.  Students cannot have an N or U in citizenship.  

III.  Community Service  

Students will be required to submit a list of personal service hours each semester.  20 hours of service per semester is required.  

IV.  Application Process (New and Returning Members)

A.  All eligible students must complete the application form by Friday, September 24th. 

B.  All applicants will receive a notification of their acceptance or rejection through Google Classroom.  Once Accepted you will receive an invitation to join.

C.  All members are required to attend the Induction ceremony. 

D. Membership Fee: Students must pay a fee of $15 within 30 days of the induction ceremony. Fees cover graduation tassel, induction ceremony, and projects. 


If you are interested in joining, please see Ms. Fernelius.

2021/2022 Application - DUE SEPTEMBER 24th, 2021


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