Weber Innovation High School  |  1007 West 12th  St  |  Ogden, Utah 84404

Minutes: September 13, 2016

  1. In Attendance: Dustin Shelton, Kim Gibson, Jill Smith, Nikki Little, Lacy Richards, Hal Raymond, Brandon Larsen, Chrissy Kotter, Carrie Pilot, Reid Newey

    1. Review of the trustlands allocation and plan- Reid, Nikki

      1. 2016-17 Allocation-$7,732.00- Should double next year

      2. Reading specialist, currently at 8 hrs. Per week, we will up that to 15, expending all but $700 for either carry over or to put toward SRI program.

      3. Assessment of every student’s reading level and then provide building skills- we have purchased a new online reading assessment, the SRI assessment.

      4. Reading Specialist- Monica Hanks

    Reid would like to use Trustland funds for more tutors in the classrooms- a tutor in every subject and classroom. Currently there is 1 part time math tutor and 1 part time reading specialist.


    1. Introduction of new staff and curriculum changes- Reid, Hal

    Our Math tutor Cheryl Loerscher quit.


    1. New staff:

      1. Brandon Larsen- Computer Science/PLTW

      2. Natalie Day- PE/Health Science

      3. Trevor Brown-PLTW

      4. Rachel Urban- PLTW

      5. Simon Ross- English

      6. Marianne Illum- IVC facilitator

      7. Nicole Carroll- Math

      8. Melissa Checketts- Medical Forensics

      9. Kurt Jensen- PWT/PLTW

      10. Matt Knorr- PWT

      11. Cynthia Lederhos Rich- CNA

      12. Carla Woodmansee- Resource


    1. PTSA- Reid

      1. Parent Tanner Workman would like to start a PTSA at Innovation, would most likely fall under the Weber or Fremont cone.


    1. Different learning platforms used- Hal


    1. Canvas- Does not have parent monitoring available

    2. Edivate- Parents receive a login to check progress

    3. Weber Online- Does not have parent monitoring

    4. Traditional Face Time - Monitoring through WSD Parent Portal


    Reid shared some Google Docs that 2 Innovation students (Jennifer Morales and Jefferson Smith) created. These are a very good example of what we want to see our students doing.


    Brandon demonstrated his courses that has been built in Canvas and how students navigate. Also showed a project the students are working on in Build with Chrome, a Lego building program.


    Reid explained and show a demo of Own It. Students will earn .25 elective credits for taking this course, and will learn valuable life skills.

    Edivate curriculum contains ACT prep classes. Nikki said her daughter told her these courses were better than other practice tests and prep classes she has taken. Students can earn .25 elective credits for these classes.


    1. Meeting Time Review- Nikki, 5:30-6:30-- Nikki discussed meeting during the day or at a different time than in the evening. 10:00 would work for parents that have younger children to get to school in the morning.

    We need to meet quarterly, and 1 additional time at the end of the year to review the Trustlands Report.

    Lacy Richards shared information on Community Council training coming up:


    Dates and location of the 2016 Fall School Community Council Training provided by the School Children’s Trust Section in conjunction with school districts was sent to principals and council officers just before school recessed in the spring.  All council members are invited to participate.  They are free of charge and are offered but not required.  Please make councils aware of the trainings in your first meeting.  We will not have email addresses to send the invitation to council members until after the trainings are completed.

    An invitation with dates, times and locations may be downloaded and printed at

    or viewed at .

    If you or council members have any questions, please contact one of us.

    Thank you!

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