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Agenda: December 1, 2015

  1. Reading Coach- Vicki Huff - pulling in students that need help with reading. Asked the community council to refer students to us if they hear of any that need help with reading. Was going to fund that with trustlands but are not going to be funded through that. We need to get a plan together for next year. We are finding some competition from the other high schools. Have got 8 new students that are AP capable students. We don’t want to pull trustlands this year to impede on the other schools. Parents would like to know where their student is on the reading exam that was taken. One council member said that she was called. Her student really likes the reading coach. She makes him feel smart.

Scores are a little confusing and afraid parents would not understand what they mean.

  1. Originally Trustlands, other means

  2. Math Tutor Orlando Salas, Cheryl Loertscher - Working with Ryan. Proactive, thoughtful. Both are students at Weber State. Ryan is the ideal about where we would like to get our teachers. Every kid has an opportunity to get one on one coaching every day.

2. Early College Schedule for Next Quarter and Early College Orientation

Early College. Kristi presented and gave handouts to members. We have quite a few students taking college classes next semester. We reserve seating for our students and then open up to other students at other schools. We are putting in a new IVC room. We have so many courses scheduled and the concurrent enrollment helped pay for that. Kristi first looks at GPA and then call in students and let them know they are taking college courses. She then helps them get registered at the college to get seats held.

Our mission is that every kid can go to college. We want them to get there. Could be the technical college but every student should get there. Rules are that you have to be an 11th grade student to take concurrent enrollment courses. So we are trying to push students to get there to take those courses. Sophomores if they turn 16 can take OWATC courses.

3. New Grading System- Competency Based

Award credit whenever a course if completed. We don’t believe in failing students. We had 10 F’s in the whole center. Showed a transcript and explained to the council members how to read that and what the new transcript will look like. Also talked about how the report card will look like. The credit is what they want to look at. As soon as a student completes the credit, they will be awarded the credit. This is what we will go over in our school meeting tomorrow. Showing students how to read the transcript. Our goal is to send home a transcript every month or two so parents are aware of where their student is at.

Gave a report card to council members to show an example of how they are going to read.

4. Accreditation-

  1. External Review Visit- Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016. - Every school needs to be accredited for college and graduation. Advanced accredits here in Utah. In our initial review, it went really well. Our report was feedback was reporting and parental feedback of what we can work on.

  2. Group Training- December 1st, 2015.

  3. Standards for Quality - discussed the 5 standards and gave council members a handout on the 5 standards. Went over the different groups. Asked the council to pick a standard to help go over those. Asked council to email Reid and give him notice on which standard they would like to be on.

5. Other

Talked about several students and the success that has been made and the motivation that the students have had.

The running man has been an issue according to some of the community council members. We are working on that and have told the council members this.

We are having a large group meeting in the morning.

We are going to start recruiting for next year. Would like to double our enrollment. Asked council to help promote this program; particularly in the 9th grade. Will run a summer session. 1st 6 weeks that summer is out. All 9th graders must attend the session. Goal is to get kids .5 to 1.0 credit. Will rotate subjects per week.

Would like students to take the ACT score as many times as they can. Would like to get students familiar with this exam. They keep the highest score in the subject that is highest each time on this exam.

The lockdown went well and the council members students said they thought it went well. Showed the council members our safety bags and toiletries preparations if needed. 

Getting a debate program going and have two advisors.

One benefit about Edivate is they will donate money every time they bring in folks to view the school.

Showed the school’s new website.

Next meeting:

Tuesday, January 25th at 5:30