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Trustlands Final Report 2017-2018


All Weber Innovation High School students will be at least on pace for graduation and will gradually move ahead of pace as they learn to personalize their learning through both traditional and digital/blended instruction.


All students, on average, are 1 credit ahead of pace at WIHS.  However, there are some over-achievers that pull the underachievers up, so it is not an across-the-board measurement.  We do expect this indicator to grow and be more relevant over time. We also run regular reports listing where students are in terms of credit earned.  Credit earned is a very easy and applicable measurement and works well for us to gauge student progress for the above goal. In addition to averages, we'll also monitor progress by measuring the number of actual students ahead, on pace and behind credit-wise at the start of the year.  Then, we'll measure the same credit again at the end of the year to gauge progress.

Please see data found below on pre and post data.  Percentages show that most areas of student achievement was greatly enhanced in part by hiring a student advocate with our trustlands monies.  (see )  

Action Plan Steps:

A big part of helping the individual student is to be able to provide one-on-one time with a teacher and/or tutor.  We will use the trustland funds to continue to pay the salary of one or possibly two tutors in Math and/or Language Arts.  One of those tutors will also spend part of their time as an academic student advocate, monitoring seniors' and juniors' credit levels and working with them to pass all their classes.

Our trustlands monies for the 2017-2018 were consumed by hiring a student advocate.  However, we did spend additional monies on a math tutor and a language arts tutor to help increase student achievement in those areas.  As shown in our goal measurements, hiring and utilizing a student advocate along with those other tutors helped with the increase in student learning and success in the majority of our student population here.  (see )